articles, interviews, and other writing.
2023 Taking care but letting go: a conversation with Jagoda Dobecka - Femme Art Review
2023 Strategic Play: notes on The Only Constant is Change by Ingunn Fjóla Ingþórsdóttir - Myndlist á Íslandi/Art in Iceland: Issue 3 (print)
2022 I’m looking for the word as we spiral through semantics - in A wet and heavy noise, published by Market Gallery (print)
2021 Notes on gathering: pocket, tree, water, spoon - Contemporary Art Stavanger
2021 I look down at the floor and see rubies and gold - Myndlist á Íslandi/Art in Iceland: Winter 2021 (print)
2021 Support through undoing: in conversation with Thulani Rachia - Public Parking
2020 stars are the flowers of our skies, in conversation with Becky Forsythe and Penelope Smart -
2020 flowers are the stars of our fields, in conversation with Becky Forsythe and Penelope Smart - Femme Art Review
2020 built-in, built alongside - Moire: ATTACHMENTS
2020 we meet at the edges - Contemporary Art Stavanger
2020 What’s more monumental than buildings? a show and tell with Melanie Ubaldo -
2020 Fermenting Process: a show and tell with Sindri Leifsson -
2020 What rainbows we choose to see, a show and tell with Florence Lam -
2020 Iridescence, domesticity, and sweaty cheese: a show and tell with Anna Hrund Másdóttir -
2019 compress(ed memory foam) - online newsletter series
2019 A table or a hand: on the progressive hospitality within Snæbjörnsdóttir/Wilson’s Vanishing Point: Where Species Meet -
2019 On community, colour and collaboration: an afternoon with Cobolt Collective -
2018 Maybe it’s the weather - contributing work and texts
2017 See Touch Hear Smell Taste - accompanying text to Dear Wilson, a solo show by Ieva Grigelionyte
2017 she moves through this space - accompanying text to In such pure animal rhythm, performance by Elísabet Birta Sveinsdóttir
2017 Put your hand out the window - curatorial essay for Strange weather, isn’t it?
2016 i was born in the valley - contributing texts to self-published zine by Katie Lawson
2016 On & On (& On & On): Yoko Ono’s ONE MORE STORY at the Reykjavík Art Museum - Artists’ Books and Multiples

juliane foronda